Fluff stuff

The world of Steenie has opened a new door in my life. I always have lived a happy, optimistic lifestyle thanks to the upbringing of my mother who taught me to always find the positive in negative situations and that there is always a path through all the bullshit that life throws at you. It may not be a shortcut but it gives you more time to enjoy the scenery.

But Steenie’s existence is that times 10. Having a crappy day? STEENIE! Don’t know what to say? STEENIE! Bad hair day? That more then ever, STEENIE! (If you don’t know, he has cotton crimps. They are glorious.) Don’t like cats? STEEEEEEEENIE!

He is always there to remind you that it will be okay. Simply because he is there to sit on your chest and do his “happy paws” on your face. Or scalp. Or any other sensitive part of the body.

If he were human, he would be President, Governor, Mayor and Friend to all.

He nurses kittens, cuddles with Great Danes, supplies me with jewelry and knows no negative in this world.

Let him help you forget your woes.

6 thoughts on “Fluff stuff

  1. I just love Steenie!!!!!! Hi Jac! I am Trey’s big sis and you and I have a lot in common! We are CAT LOVERS!!!!!!! You are someone like me, obsessed with cats! Just ask Trey! =^.,.^=

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