Using my sick days. And maybe other stuff.

Hok and I went and saw Blowfly on the 2nd of Feb. It was awesome.
Often, when we are riding bikes together, we hold hands. We are used to riding ScootScoots and Moped’s and we can’t hold hands then ’cause someone will need their left hand to keep up.
So bikes are sweet ’cause we can ride on, and love on.
But see, February 2nd was Super Bowl weekend. And if you know as much as I know about football, (which is nothing) you wouldn’t know that it was held here in New Orleans. But, I just told you. So now you do know.  And if you haven’t figured it out by now, it meant that Hok and I went down into the Quarter and by the river and enjoyed all the festivities. We could have very easily been annoyed by it but, because Mardi Gras was kickin off, this city was fucking ALIVE. And I loved it.
Later that night, (on our way to Blowfly – HEY, that’s ME!) we were feeling so good and happy about where we were, what we are, and who we are that we just weren’t close enough. Cause not only were all those things great, but we got to share them together, (Ready to puke? Just be glad you are not a fly on our wall this week.) SO, holding hands wasn’t enough. We wanted to be closer. We somehow decided in the love drunk minds of ours that “linking” our arms was good idea.
Guess what? Our handle bars locked up and we both fell. On me.
It was almost a month ago.
I now am on “Light Duty” and have to take a week off.
Because of Mardi Gras, I was off work a lot and when I did work, I somehow just wound up in dispatch. Which is good. Cause I really fucked up my hand.
I got it X-rayed. No break or fracture which I figured cause it had been 2 weeks but I did manage to tear some ligaments. Yaa…aaay… Booooo.

While working with aggressive dogs, we use these Control Poles . They are heavy and if needed, I don’t think I could hold one and fight a dog that is trying to get away. So, I have to use my sick days and take a week off.
I would much rather use my sick days for when I feel like I can not get out of bed but since I can’t use my hand, I guess they will have to do for this.

Hok and I have not left our living room unless it was for food, in three days. It’s totally awesome and we are sick in love.  For sick days.

We did get up and do the dishes today.
We had never had so many dirty dishes and just had to call it time.
Other then that… SO.MANY.CUDDLES.
Oh, I love it.


I didn’t even shower for a day…

Am I T.M.I? Did I use T.M.I. in the right context?
Dooinz it.

Oh yeah, there was also Mardi Gras.
That was cool.

Haha, okay so for reals though, holy shit. HOLY.SHIT.
I had my Bean. And My sweet French friend and the one and only amazing Ousia. Plus a Honey, add a sister and you get… Whatever it was that we were. Some kind of singing, laughing, drinking, costuming, bike riding, catching… and Hok says “The candy jazz version of rubber vomit.” group. Get it? I don’t either. That’s kind of of the point.
We had fun.


We played dress up. We saw others who played dress up. (better than us. ) We caught a ridiculous amount of shit. We threw a ridiculous amount of shit off floats. The sweet sugared biscuit, painted some awesome floats and we got to experience Mardi Gras from the upgrade perspective. We saw parades in the rain, at night and early (as fuck) in the morning.
It was an experience like no other. I posted pictures on Shmaceshmook and so did that fine mofo over there at. ChildLaborStudios.

All in all, it was what I needed. All of it. Friends, Parades and then some time off. Not that I needed the time off but again (cause, hence the name of the post) It’s been so nice for Hokmayen and I to do nothing. Not saying I wouldn’t be happy to be working and saving up my sick days but the pain I feel in my hand when doing something simple like putting on a sweatshirt would say otherwise.
NOTE: I am wearing a wrist guard at all times. I am tippy tapping typing this with my one able hand. It fucking sucks and I would like my hand back.


NEXT UP!: My mom moves to New Orleans and I experience life in a house by myself!
Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Using my sick days. And maybe other stuff.

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  2. I saw Steenie! Don’t know if Trey shared this with you and Hok, but I had to put my 16 yr old cats to sleep last July and November. I now have two kittens, which my hubby gave me for Christmas! I am so glad to see that Steenie (and of course you and Hok) are doing so good. Keep up the good work at your job and get well! LOL

  3. That’s normal for me. I shower like every 2 days if I’m really dirty :), and 3-4 days if I’m a cleanie-poo-pants. Yay for your love cave of nothingness! Isn’t it nice? Nothing is so nice sometimes. But bad wrists aren’t. Look into some acupuncture. Maybe your work will pay for it, or at least some of it. It really helped one of my friends out who had a torn ligament in her wrist. Blah blah blah, type type type, doo dee dah.

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