You blaaauhgins?

Hey remember when I used to Blauhg? Me either. That time was so long ago.
So many things guys. That’s why I don’t blauhg.

I can tell you about some of it. Like maybe some highlights? I don’t know. Cause I can’t remember all of it. Also, bitches gotta sleep cause they get up early and work.

If all goes according to plan, tomorrow I’ll be impounding 10 abandoned dogs. Dogs I wanna get too. Skinny, sweet, Pitties. And their puppies.
Ooooooooh, I like those Pits. And puppies. Gimmie 7 Pit puppies and I have got some serious kissin to do.
But we can get to work stuff later. I do other stuff too, ya know?
HAHAHAHAHA! Just joking.
I work all the time.
And I love it. For the most part. Of course it comes with it’s baggage. Everything does.
Sometimes being a part of law enforcement, (As pretty much all of my friends would agree) makes you kind of a dick. Good thing most of the times, I get to be a dick to people who (to say the least) deserve it. It feels good to rescue. I just hit my 9th year of animal rescue. (Go me!) For the most part, I have been a part of organizations and held positions where I couldn’t say, “Hey, you’re dumb.” Not that I say that, but I do a lot of silent head shakes. People know when they are doing something wrong.
It’s an abusive relationship. You hurt something you love. And that loves you. But it’s just what you do. Cause you’re broken. So I try to fix them.
It’s kind of depressing.  But sometimes, well, a lot of times, it’s really good. Remember earlier I was like, “Rescue abandoned dogs” and “puppies” and “kisses”? Yup. It’s good.
Let’s get up beat…
HAHAHAHAHA! Just joking.
I also euthanize. Yurp. Me.
So I kiss them. I kiss them so much. And tell them how sweet they are and how sorry I am.
And I also hate people. I hate people so much.
Rescue yo. It’s 2013 for crying out loud.

Speaking of which, (For more up beat on the really reals) We went to Fort Smith for New Years. Our third part, Rob came and swooped us up and we went on our first ever 4 wheeled road trip. Like in a car. Not on a scooter. Whaaa?
And good too cause damn it’s cold up there.
It was good. Got some family time in, got to see my baby Kewie and totally nerded out for the rest of it with some Pathfinder and laughed with my furious friend. I MISS YOU FURIOUS FRIEND!
It was nice.

It’s now Mardi Gras. Plus Super Bowl.
It’s crazy down here and shit is just getting started. I love it.
It’s like living in grown up Disneyland except you create your own ride and you can fit as many as you want in your cart.
We are squeezing in Gina, Ouisa (California), Clarrise (France) and Z & Jim (Arkansas). YAY!
Which basically makes for the best ride ever. And of course the best costumes. Something I love about Mardi Gras costumes is that I get to take all the things that I have and never really had a reason/excuse to wear, and wear it. Also, neighborhoods and streets are alive. And people are so sharing. And everything is colorful. And shiny. And drunk. And creative.  And I love it.

Special, special shout out to my honey who has been busting ass painting floats that people are coming from around the world to see in a parade. I’m so proud. Proud? Proud…

New Orleans is good to us. We eat. We dance. We drink. We laugh. So much.
I’m pretty fucking happy.

Did I mention my mom is moving here? Oh yeah. She is. Boom.
Sieff Girls for the WIN.

I could post a million pictures but you can cheggem at Hokdaddy’s or on my Facebook.

I did it.

Also, Steenie does things too guys.

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