Hurrication is over. Now it’s just hot.

So we still have no power. It’s hot. Both mine and Hok’s phone work, then don’t work. And that’s when they have power. We are making the most of it by enjoying time outside of the house, sitting on the porch, going for walks, making new friends.
I really want to bitch about not having AC, my food going bad and the pause with work BUT, we’re lucky. A lot of folks have been devastatingly affected by this storm and we are quite lucky to not be a part of that. There are places that have electricity so we can power up and connect with our worried loved ones and cool off. Some people are still waiting for rescue and have no water. We have water. Thank fuggingaed for that. We can take cold showers and hydrate. We are lucky.
hopefully soon, those places can drain out and the LA/SPCA can go do some relief work. I’m very anxious to get in there. But were not certified to go do water rescue so we are on a hold. 
Yesterday, us Animal Control Officers went on some calls regarding animals that had been abandoned but luckily, we didn’t see anything too bad.  That may be different when we go to the areas where the levees broke but I’m working with an amazing team and I know we can help in a big way.
In the mean time, if you can’t get ahold of Hok or I, don’t be alarmed. We’re fine and because of my line of work, I feel safe and up to date on all the things happening.
Steenie and his little beetches are fine too. Plenty of food, water and cuddle time for them.

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