I was feeling like I had been repeating myself a lot with all of your thoughtful messages and such. So here’s my update.
Monday at work was hectic. All animals that were not strays, or on a quarantine, (all animals that are our property) went to New Jersey or Dallas and will stay there to be adopted. Yay. The whole shelter plus volunteers were putting together crates and loading them into the semi’s. It was cool.
I also was here for 12 hours.
The ride home was beautiful. The sun was setting on all the clouds that were making their way in. There was a hot pink rainbow and as I was soaking in the calm before the storm, Stevie Wonders “A place in the sun” came on. It was beautiful.
Tuesday all officers were on for emergency calls only. Luckily we all live in different parts of town so we covered our areas. I got called out once for a cat laying there in the rain. It looked like a dog had gotten a hold of it. Poor kitty.
Kerry, TheLady Lucern and her dog RuPaul came over. We made hurricane pasties, put on wigs and had a photo shoot in the wind. We put on silly hats and wandered the neighborhood. The bars were full and everyone was happy. 

The storm isn’t that bad here. More wind then anything and not much rain in NOLA. We got more rain with the storms this summer then this. Other places got hit hard but were okay. Everyone here is just using it as an excuse to be off work and drink.  Now that the power is out everyone is a little cranky cause it’s hot but people were so prepared for this that were all just making the best of it. We drank a ton of whiskey in celebration of Hokmayens Birthday and then Hula Hooped  in the streets in the middle of the night in a hurricane.

This morning, I gave Hok his present that I had to make since we had to spend all of out money on supplies (which is fine because im making that storm money now y’all and will be getting him his special gift in the next couple weeks) We made breakfast and walked around the neighborhood some more. Really, we needed that sweet breeze and rain to cool us off. Then I got called in.

Now I’m at work. I wish I was with my family but it’s nice to be out of the house. Plus I have the interweb’s. I’m basically here to hit up the emergency call’s in this area. Hopefully the storm will continue to die down and I will be home in the morning. If not, I’ll be rocking 24 hours. Storm money y’all.

They say it could be a week with no power but I doubt that it will last for that long. Again, I think they want to hype it up so that everyone is prepared.

I got a kitten here to bottle feed tonight (that Agnelly, my partner is happy to bitch about. heehee), we got food and we got movies. Easy money.  A good first hurricane.

2 thoughts on “Hurrication

  1. Now Jac, I want to know how Steenie is doing in this weather….We have to think about him……I know my Suzuki cat would go crazy with all that goes on with a hurricane. Hope you and Hok are doing fine.

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