THE TIME! The time. Who’s got the time?

I figured since I had a moment of relaxation, I would share it with you. Really, there is a ton of stuff I could and should be doing  but I am going on strike. Strike from moving, strike from doing, strike from cleaning and organizing, strike from riding my bike through the New Orleans summer sun.

Although riding my bike through the New Orleans summer sun has quickly became one of my favorite things to do, my body was starting to shut down and taking my emotions with it. So this weekend, Hokmayen and I are celebrating our anniversary by doing nothing. We got a box of wine, some of the last Strawberry Abita for the season, some whiskey and lemonade and some food and haven’t left the house since. I slept for 10 hours and I am already looking forward to my nap.

I work a lot. I normally pull overtime and riding my bike is about a hour and a half trip. And its great. I ride, take the ferry, and ride again. About 10 miles a day. It’s doing good thing for my  legs. Plus its a million degrees. But not as bad as Fort Smith. …Suckers. Also, after work my sweet, sweet honey meets me at the ferry and we ride bikes together home through the quarter, along the river and normally stop for drinks. Often we catch live music or a second line.
It’s my favorite thing to do. Especially for a after work, end of the day activity.

I really like work. It’s very mentally draining and very paper heavy.  It makes me embarrassed to be a part of the human race. We have created one hell of a problem. We decided to domesticate animals, over breed them, then took over there natural habitat and decided there was too many of them and they were in our space so now we are taking them out.
What the fuck?
I also find people vs. love, very interesting. And that loving something isn’t what being a responsible pet owner means.
Women love men that beat them. Addicts love shooting up. It doesn’t mean it’s healthy.
Love is the easy part.
People can choose to live sad, disgusting, dirty life styles. But once you create that fate for another creature who isn’t as strong as you are, that’s when your in trouble. So you better watch the fuck out for my ass cause I have no patience for that.
I like to go into every situation hoping it’s going to be good. And I like to be nice. People deal with nice and tell you more information. Plus they listen better. And I like to educate. But once you give me reason to feel differently, you’re pretty fucked.
You know whats fucking rad about New Orleans? Dogs can’t be on chains. And it’s a law that all animals have to be fixed or you have to have a Intact Permit. And in order to have that permit, you have to get a new one every year with proof of vaccinations and your dog has to be microchipped. Thank you. If not, you will get a citation. From me. That’s right, Jac, writing citations. Ain’t that some shit. Then we go to court. And you will probably loose. So handle your shit.
I can’t go into details with some of the shit that I have seen. But let me just say it’s some pretty horrific scenes. My first day, I was trying not to puke, the other day, I was trying not to cry.
But most of the time, I feel so good. When dogs that seem aggressive suddenly turn into cuddley, kissy, pots once they are off chains and away from their previous, asshole owners, I feel good. When I spend 2 hours, chasing stray dogs and bring 4  into the shelter that then find homes, I feel good. Catching alligators, hawks under houses, cranes on Canal st and puppies that we just have ride up in the cab with us all day so that it can cuddle and pee all over me.
That my friends, is the best.

                                                                  Catchin’ gators y’all

It’s interesting to see this city when I’m working and to see it when I am not working. At work, I deal with the trash and sadness this city is full off.
And when I’m not, it’s a whole other adventure.

True Yin and Yang.

You always have something to do in this city. This weekend is a seafood festival, The Red Dress Run (who’s slogan is a drinking club with a running problem). Last weekend was the Satchmo Festival. The week before that was Tales of the Cocktail. Then there’s Decadence, Daiquiri festival and  a PoBoy Fest. That’s all in like 2 months. Also there was the Running of the Bulls, Burlesque shows, beach days, wine days, whiskey days and who knows what else. I can’t keep up with myself anymore.

Adumb came. It was awesome. We rented a trike for him so we were all able to ride around, eat, drink, and see good music.

                                                                  Boy Friends

                                  Three has always been a magic number

My honey has became quite the little house husband/ Chef boy’arDave and it’s been really nice to come home to a clean house and have dinner cooked for me. Some things never change. Him spoiling me is one of them.

Speaking of things never changing, Steenie is sleeping here next to me. Him and his little black bitches are happy to be in the new house as well. For those of you unfamiliar with how shotgun houses are set up, it’s basically room after room after room. No halls and the doors are lined up so you can be in the front room and see all the way through every room into the back of the house.
That means that the kitties get to run through the whole house in one straight shot. That’s a lot of running for kitties.
We still have some boxes of books cause we are still acquiring furniture and Shady lane will be traumatized when they are gone.  They are her pedistools of safety. It’s cute. Will-O-Wisp loves that we have a claw foot bathtub because it means she has a fort that she can attack pounce out of. And Steenie, Steenie is so happy that everyone is happy that he really has to take naps all the time. Also, he has a sweater.

And with the heat comes rain. Lots and lots of rain. Everyday.

And then this happens:

It rains here when it’s sunny. That’s New Orleans for you.

Other things too.                                                                 At the ferry

                                                                   Sweet love


                                                                    Rain Clouds


                                                        Running from the bulls

           Staying true to our city. Beers at 8am before going running

Also other stuff too.  Here’s my ride home…                                                                       Ferry
And the sweetest faces
Work camera has a fish eye lens effect. It’s a good look on Steenie. 


As you can see I have been busy. Between filling my heart with the joys of animals rescue, riding my bike, trips on the ferry, beers and whiskey, delicious food not only found in the city but that is made for me in my very home, storms, kitties and the amazing Dada Hokmayen, (when it’s hot linked twice, you know it’s HAWT!) I can honestly say that this has been the best move since I started my adventures away from California 8 years ago. For the first time, I am ever so proud of the city I live in.

“I’m not going to lay down in words the lure of this place. Every great writer in the land, from Faulkner to Twain to Rice to Ford, has tried to do it and fallen short. It is impossible to capture the essence, tolerance, and spirit of south Louisiana in words and to try is to roll down a road of clichés, bouncing over beignets and beads and brass bands and it just is what it is.

It is home.”
―Chris Rose. Dead in the Attic

2 thoughts on “THE TIME! The time. Who’s got the time?

  1. Jac, I am so glad you are happy and doing so great. You and Hok are so lucky to have found each other. I love you both with all my heart. Hugs,loves and kisses.Mom

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