It’s not rocket science.

So I was told at my interview that after a year of employment, I would take a class to become euthanasia certified. I figured as much. As an Animal Control Officer I obviously will be going into scenes where it may be necessary to euthanize on site. Hit by a car, dog fights, who knows. It’s a very sad and hard thing to do but until people can pull there heads outta there ass, it’s extremely necessary. Humans are the dominant species on this planet and we are not willing to budge.
Any year now… Any year.

Today I got called to the Kennel Supervisor. She said she had something for me. Immediately, I thought, “present”. Because, I really like presents. It was. But better. She handed me the paperwork for the euthanasia certification class. I said her that I was told that it would be a year. She said they were sending me early. Because I’m good. SO FUGGIN GOOD. She didn’t say it initially but I asked of course. She replied in a positive way. So yeah, I’m good.
…Of course, it also comes with perks.

Later she came to me and showed me a journal. It’s kept in the room where the sadness happens. I will keep the name of the room unsaid for it is a private and sacred place but it’s very calming. And I think it’s nice.
The journal is for people to write in. Thoughts, experiences, woes, ect. It’s a tough mother fucking job y’all. I think that the idea behind that journal is brilliant and you can bet your ass I will write in it everyday that I step foot in that room. It’s a promise I’m making right now. To myself. I never want to take that lightly. The day I do is the day that I need to find a new job. I hope I always feel sadness for fate of these animals. It’s very unfortunate that things have gotten to this point. I’m glad that I can be there for their last days.

Next subject. (But not really) I know way to many people (like 2 or something. TWO TOO MANY!) who talk about their friend who is a breeder. But they are responsible. They love the breed. But they know the owners of the male, make sure they go to good homes, only breed once a year, IDONTFUCKINGCARE. Check me off your list. Delete me. Whatever. I try to be supportive because yeah, it doesn’t make them bad people, I’m sure they do love these dogs and make sure they go to good homes. (SOME OF THEM) but it doesn’t matter. Ignorance is bliss. Educate yourself. Good dogs go down. A lot of them. There is no excuse for breeding right now and I can’t stomach your reasons.

Dogs have to sit and wait for the end. Sure, everyone is tested to see if they are adoption material but… it’s not that it’s a hard test, it’s just that so many animals come through the shelter and only the crème of the crop can make it through. I have seen many good dogs at many shelters go down for jumping, cause they are bored and happy and licking for love but because it’s too much, it’s too much. Shit, I wouldn’t make it through a test. Better believe that if I was stuck in a run for a couple days I would be jumping and kissing all over someone that took me out too. But, if there is a stray dog, we have to wait for someone to claim it. If there is a bite case, fight case, it has to sit and wait for someone to go to court and see if it can go home. If they jump, bite when they kiss, are food aggressive (because maybe they haven’t had much food in their life) don’t show interest in you, it makes it harder for them to make it through. And this isn’t just here. Every shelter I have worked at has this protocol.
So, if you have room for puppies, foster, foster, FOSTER. This situation is OUT.OF.CONTROL.
And I ain’t even worried about job security. If I was out of a job because of it, mission complete.

Pits: What a misunderstood breed. They are either the best dogs or the worst dogs.
(And this is nothing new to me. I just feel like touching on the subject because being back in the shelter is an exciting and moving thing for me)
The reason for this best vs. worst is simply, they are too smart and too loyal for their own good.
They are the epitome of “Man’s best friend”. They will do what you train them to do. Fight? They will fight. Guard, they will guard. Love, sit, down, fetch? They’re on it.
God, I love them.

Sorry Hokdaddy, I’m not trying to rush into anything but after 8 years of working in rescue, I have been so patient and I think I may (soonish) be ready for a dog. REPEAT: SOONish. I know that you feel over whelmed with the kitties and I but, eeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhh… I really love me some pittypuppy.  And by “pittypuppy” I mean, a grown ass dog that is already trained.
1.) Puppies get adopted easily.
2.) I’m totally not into house training.
Call me lazy but I just don’t have a patients for that.
I’ll use the excuse of working all day. For my community.
Watch me. I’m doozin it.
And I’m not trying to be breed biased. But I just feel it. Cause I love them all so. Those pits. With their big giant heads. And their big giant mouths that make big giant smiles. They are so good for kissing.

The other day I was doing behavior evaluations and the first dog that that I have seen make a 100% was a pit.

Moral of the story. Spay and neuter. Adopt. Don’t be a dumb-dumb. It’s not rocket science.

Also, for the record (personally related) I am still happy. Obviously loving my job and still riding my bike. 10 miles a day. Here’s to kick ass legs and a tight ass!

Still waiting on my honey and counting the days till his arrival. (15 dooz)

Still looking for a place and that can not come soon enough. I’m even willing to lower my standards or raise my standards because obviously something is not working out.
Soon though. Soon. Either way, my honey is coming and I can not wait for our romantic adventure together.

Here’s to homeless dogs.
Here’s to hurricane season and riding against wind to work, and against wind from work. In the rain. (I feel like a old man walking uphill both ways in the snow when I say that)
Here’s to my legs.
Here’s to my ass.
Honey, here’s to us and our new place and our new adventure.
Here’s to rescue and here’s to being responsible.

And of course, FOR STEENIE!
(Who I miss so gawdamn dearly.)

7 thoughts on “It’s not rocket science.

  1. I love you Jac! Good for you for putting your foot down. Fuck breeding, even if it makes cute puppy faces. Some guy told my sister the other day that he spent 6,000 dollars on his bulldog this year because its been fucking inbred so many times that those dogs suffer too!
    Some guy came over our house the other day and was asking me where he could find a kitten to give to his girlfriend. I replied that they have a lot at shelters. He asked if they cost money. I said yes, but most of the time they are already spayed/neutered and have their shots so it is worth it financially. he gave me the most disgusted look and said he does not neuter his animals. It was as if I were suggesting that he take away all the masculinity of the animal. I tried to explain why it is so important and he wouldn’t hear me out. He’s not allowed to come over anymore. hahaha, just joking, but not. but I am, but i’m not. NOT.
    I love you. Work that ass on that bike grrrl! I can’t wait to shake em together in a few months!

  2. I was wondering if you were going to mention Steenie! If I had to be away from my feline girls I would be going crazy! I bet he is going to be so excited to see you when him and Hok move to Louisiana! On the subject of Pit Bulls, I have friends, who are responsible owners, who have pits. I have always said that it is the OWNER who makes any dog a mean, undesirable, pet. Good luck on your job!

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