I say things

Where have I been you guys? Well for one, Hok was off all of the beginning week of Thanksgiving. Which meant we were busy. Busy him engulfing his existence with Skyrim and busy me… doing stuff. Come to think of it, I don’t know what the hell I was doing.  Crafting, that’s for sure, I also have recently discovered Pinterist. Doooooooood. I am totally addicted. For the most part its pretty random and I had no idea what the hell I was doing but then Mama Jane walked me through it and I think I was trying too hard. It basically is what it is. Which is this: A shit ton of kick ass crafts, projects, recipes, fashion and design. It’s basically everything that I’m into minus Steenie but I can get him on my lap while I do it sitting next to Hok and it’s like heaven. You can make different boards and then assign the whatever the hell it is to the board and use it for future reference. You have to be invited so if any of you are interested, let me know. It consumes my day. Here’s my board: Click.

We had Thanksgiving at Hok’s folks. It was great. Mama Jane and Poppy made a crazy amount of food which meant that when we came home we had a crazy happy fridge.  They made taco and burrito fixin’s and MAYEN!, that shit was gooooood. Left overs like that are fun cause there is so many ways to change it up. We are still enjoying them with every meal.
The day was perfect.
Is it silly that Thanksgiving day politics annoy me? I mean, duh the genocide was terrible. Of course. But I don’t think that’s what were celebrating. Besides the fact that it’s never on the same day which means that were not honoring a certain situation. I think for the most part we all feel pretty shitty about what happened to the natives. And I would like to say I’m sorry. So now that is out of the way, can we all just take some days off and eat, drink and be merry? In honor of the ones we love and the ones we lost.

It is now once again Sunday (At least it was at the time) and a lazy one at that. I drank on a pretty empty stomach last night and paying for it today. We went to our friends wedding and I got caught up drinking and dancing with my beautiful friends. The reception was pretty and I had super fun. Congrats Jessica and Robert.
Sunday also means The Walking Dead will be on which I of course am excited about. I bet something in it makes me cry. I must be getting ready for my monthly celebration of being baby free because everything is making me cry today. That plus being hungover so I’m a little emotional I guess. I think I have cried like 3 times already. Geez, get over it.
JUST IN NOW: (As in, its not Sunday typing anymore. It’s now Tuesday.) For some reason they are holding onto the rest of the season until February. Which is lame. And by “Some reason” I mean. They totally want to ride it out so people can look up stuff and see what to buy and such. It is very frustrating for me.

Now, as for this Sunday, Tuesday, Friday thing, I don’t know why but sometimes I tend to write my blauhg for a couple of days.  And by “sometimes” I mean it has happened like once or twice. But, will probably be happening with many. Maybe that why they are so long. Blah blah blah. I think this Blauhg in particular is kinda boring too. So why am I drawing it out for so long? I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the fact that I like to hear the sound of me type, type, typing away? Maybe it because I just like to say stuff and this is a good way. Who knows. We will figure it out. Or not. Whatever.

I would real quick like to touch base on the fact that so many people want to complain about Christmas. Shudup. The traffic is annoying as shit. That I will agree on. I will also say that this would totally be avoidable if everyone road a scooter/moped. But that is my perfect world. Other then that, don’t by a present. And if someone gives you one, be a asshole and send it back. Or better yet, tell them to send it back for you and that you don’t care. Or, here’s an idea, ENJOY IT. Take your couple days off, eat some food and be with the ones that you love because I know that I sure as hell appreciate it and I don’t know why someone wouldn’t. Good God. Are we still so stuck on this God thing? Fucking Jesus birthday bullshit? Who the fuck cares? Make it what you want, enjoy it because guess what, its not going anywhere and I don’t know a damn person who doesn’t like presents. If you say you don’t, you are a liar. Tell me you don’t so I can call you a liar to your faceearscreen. Maybe you don’t care about getting them on “Christmas” but in the long run you like them. And it gives  you a reason to go out of your way to maybe find something out about the person that you do love and get them some something special. And fuck getting it for Christmas, get it for them just because and it just so happens that Christmas is coming up so there is a super sale. I like sales.
Hey remember earlier when I was like “I blah, blah, blah.
Guess what?
Blah. Blah. Blah.

My Mama, Matty and Sister are coming on the 13th of December.
I’m going to cook with my mom a giant feast for Hokmayens family and mine.
Also I’m performing on December 9th at Kinkeads.  I’m dancing and taking my clothes off.
These are all good things that I have to bust ass to prepare for you.
I think that Steenie is staring into the future right now.

Life is good.

Also, Hok is working on the sound for Sandwich Controls podcast. It’s the same thing over and over again. Fun stuff. Listen… They update and stuff.


3 thoughts on “I say things

  1. Hey, Hey Friend….if mama’n’em need a place to stay, they are MORE than welcome to stay at my house. I have an extra bed, a futon, couches and stuffs. There’s plenty of room!

  2. I like this. I like your take on presents. Keepin it real. Just so you know. I like presents and I LOVE to give them. People don’t understand the joy in giving. It’s the best

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