Using my sick days. And maybe other stuff.

Hok and I went and saw Blowfly on the 2nd of Feb. It was awesome.
Often, when we are riding bikes together, we hold hands. We are used to riding ScootScoots and Moped’s and we can’t hold hands then ’cause someone will need their left hand to keep up.
So bikes are sweet ’cause we can ride on, and love on.
But see, February 2nd was Super Bowl weekend. And if you know as much as I know about football, (which is nothing) you wouldn’t know that it was held here in New Orleans. But, I just told you. So now you do know.  And if you haven’t figured it out by now, it meant that Hok and I went down into the Quarter and by the river and enjoyed all the festivities. We could have very easily been annoyed by it but, because Mardi Gras was kickin off, this city was fucking ALIVE. And I loved it.
Later that night, (on our way to Blowfly – HEY, that’s ME!) we were feeling so good and happy about where we were, what we are, and who we are that we just weren’t close enough. Cause not only were all those things great, but we got to share them together, (Ready to puke? Just be glad you are not a fly on our wall this week.) SO, holding hands wasn’t enough. We wanted to be closer. We somehow decided in the love drunk minds of ours that “linking” our arms was good idea.
Guess what? Our handle bars locked up and we both fell. On me.
It was almost a month ago.
I now am on “Light Duty” and have to take a week off.
Because of Mardi Gras, I was off work a lot and when I did work, I somehow just wound up in dispatch. Which is good. Cause I really fucked up my hand.
I got it X-rayed. No break or fracture which I figured cause it had been 2 weeks but I did manage to tear some ligaments. Yaa…aaay… Booooo.

While working with aggressive dogs, we use these Control Poles . They are heavy and if needed, I don’t think I could hold one and fight a dog that is trying to get away. So, I have to use my sick days and take a week off.
I would much rather use my sick days for when I feel like I can not get out of bed but since I can’t use my hand, I guess they will have to do for this.

Hok and I have not left our living room unless it was for food, in three days. It’s totally awesome and we are sick in love.  For sick days.

We did get up and do the dishes today.
We had never had so many dirty dishes and just had to call it time.
Other then that… SO.MANY.CUDDLES.
Oh, I love it.


I didn’t even shower for a day…

Am I T.M.I? Did I use T.M.I. in the right context?
Dooinz it.

Oh yeah, there was also Mardi Gras.
That was cool.

Haha, okay so for reals though, holy shit. HOLY.SHIT.
I had my Bean. And My sweet French friend and the one and only amazing Ousia. Plus a Honey, add a sister and you get… Whatever it was that we were. Some kind of singing, laughing, drinking, costuming, bike riding, catching… and Hok says “The candy jazz version of rubber vomit.” group. Get it? I don’t either. That’s kind of of the point.
We had fun.


We played dress up. We saw others who played dress up. (better than us. ) We caught a ridiculous amount of shit. We threw a ridiculous amount of shit off floats. The sweet sugared biscuit, painted some awesome floats and we got to experience Mardi Gras from the upgrade perspective. We saw parades in the rain, at night and early (as fuck) in the morning.
It was an experience like no other. I posted pictures on Shmaceshmook and so did that fine mofo over there at. ChildLaborStudios.

All in all, it was what I needed. All of it. Friends, Parades and then some time off. Not that I needed the time off but again (cause, hence the name of the post) It’s been so nice for Hokmayen and I to do nothing. Not saying I wouldn’t be happy to be working and saving up my sick days but the pain I feel in my hand when doing something simple like putting on a sweatshirt would say otherwise.
NOTE: I am wearing a wrist guard at all times. I am tippy tapping typing this with my one able hand. It fucking sucks and I would like my hand back.


NEXT UP!: My mom moves to New Orleans and I experience life in a house by myself!
Stay tuned!

You blaaauhgins?

Hey remember when I used to Blauhg? Me either. That time was so long ago.
So many things guys. That’s why I don’t blauhg.

I can tell you about some of it. Like maybe some highlights? I don’t know. Cause I can’t remember all of it. Also, bitches gotta sleep cause they get up early and work.

If all goes according to plan, tomorrow I’ll be impounding 10 abandoned dogs. Dogs I wanna get too. Skinny, sweet, Pitties. And their puppies.
Ooooooooh, I like those Pits. And puppies. Gimmie 7 Pit puppies and I have got some serious kissin to do.
But we can get to work stuff later. I do other stuff too, ya know?
HAHAHAHAHA! Just joking.
I work all the time.
And I love it. For the most part. Of course it comes with it’s baggage. Everything does.
Sometimes being a part of law enforcement, (As pretty much all of my friends would agree) makes you kind of a dick. Good thing most of the times, I get to be a dick to people who (to say the least) deserve it. It feels good to rescue. I just hit my 9th year of animal rescue. (Go me!) For the most part, I have been a part of organizations and held positions where I couldn’t say, “Hey, you’re dumb.” Not that I say that, but I do a lot of silent head shakes. People know when they are doing something wrong.
It’s an abusive relationship. You hurt something you love. And that loves you. But it’s just what you do. Cause you’re broken. So I try to fix them.
It’s kind of depressing.  But sometimes, well, a lot of times, it’s really good. Remember earlier I was like, “Rescue abandoned dogs” and “puppies” and “kisses”? Yup. It’s good.
Let’s get up beat…
HAHAHAHAHA! Just joking.
I also euthanize. Yurp. Me.
So I kiss them. I kiss them so much. And tell them how sweet they are and how sorry I am.
And I also hate people. I hate people so much.
Rescue yo. It’s 2013 for crying out loud.

Speaking of which, (For more up beat on the really reals) We went to Fort Smith for New Years. Our third part, Rob came and swooped us up and we went on our first ever 4 wheeled road trip. Like in a car. Not on a scooter. Whaaa?
And good too cause damn it’s cold up there.
It was good. Got some family time in, got to see my baby Kewie and totally nerded out for the rest of it with some Pathfinder and laughed with my furious friend. I MISS YOU FURIOUS FRIEND!
It was nice.

It’s now Mardi Gras. Plus Super Bowl.
It’s crazy down here and shit is just getting started. I love it.
It’s like living in grown up Disneyland except you create your own ride and you can fit as many as you want in your cart.
We are squeezing in Gina, Ouisa (California), Clarrise (France) and Z & Jim (Arkansas). YAY!
Which basically makes for the best ride ever. And of course the best costumes. Something I love about Mardi Gras costumes is that I get to take all the things that I have and never really had a reason/excuse to wear, and wear it. Also, neighborhoods and streets are alive. And people are so sharing. And everything is colorful. And shiny. And drunk. And creative.  And I love it.

Special, special shout out to my honey who has been busting ass painting floats that people are coming from around the world to see in a parade. I’m so proud. Proud? Proud…

New Orleans is good to us. We eat. We dance. We drink. We laugh. So much.
I’m pretty fucking happy.

Did I mention my mom is moving here? Oh yeah. She is. Boom.
Sieff Girls for the WIN.

I could post a million pictures but you can cheggem at Hokdaddy’s or on my Facebook.

I did it.

Also, Steenie does things too guys.

Becoming a Certified Animal Euthanasia Technician

I was told at my interview that I would have to become euthanasia certified. I knew it was coming.
It’s not like I haven’t been around it. It first started at sanctuaries. Where the cats had been living there lives till the end and I knew that it was time to go. We had Vet’s that would come out, I would hold them, give it time, and we would bury them there. You start to find a familiar numb spot that you take those feelings to so that you can go about you job and not lose it.
Then working for Vets where you’re there to help those in need. Mostly, those animals were not common clients and it is your job to be supportive . Not emotional.
Working at kill shelters bring in the reality though. I never thought that I would be able to do so until there was not a no kill shelter in the town that I lived in.
I’m glad I had that before this position though. Otherwise the idea of both “Kill” and mainly, “Certified Animal Euthanasia Technician” would have sent me running for the hills.
My first job at a city shelter was a big deal for me. I was terrified.
I saw healthy animals go down because of space issues. Dogs deemed un-adoptable because they would jump on you after being taken out of a run.
I realized then, that there would always be plenty of people to help support to no kill shelters.
People put there money where it makes them feel good. With the fluffy kittens, the puppies with the irresistible stinky puppy breath, the pure bred that room was made for because people knew it would be easily adopted.
Who wants to see the aggressive dogs? The sick, fearful, territorial dog with a skin condition? That’s not fun. That’s not calender worthy. That’s not what you think of when you hear Sara Mclachlan’s “Arms of an Angle”
That makes you feel sad. It makes you want to wash your hands. Change your clothes. Shit, take a shower, turn the other way and make sure your kids don’t look. Because god forbid you go through the “Employee’s Only” door and not the “Adoptions” door.
It challenged me. It made me realize that no matter what we wish and hope for things to be like, there is always a dark reality.

I started to see these “un-adoptable” dogs and look at the “D” days that were written on there cage cards. It made me want to spend time with them. To give them treats and say sweet things. Cause who the fuck else was? People don’t go in that room to say “Aw, look at that dog”. They don’t get to go on walks, cuddled or even pet.
So I made a point to give them my attention. Because to me, in this line of work, you do not work for your own peace of mind. You work to give these animals a peace of mind.

And please, do not take this as a sign of arrogance. In fact, I’m feeling it is quite the opposite.
My teacher yesterday, the Director of the Louisiana Board of Veterinary Medicine had said that we have an extremely hard job. That not may people could do this job including herself.
It made we wonder and question my actions and how I deal with stress.
Am I crazy? Do I ignore the real problems at hand because all I see are fucking rainbows and Steenies cotton sweetness sliding down them into lollipop forests?
I don’t know.
But either way, this is my job and beyond that, this is my life.

“It’s not what you do that defines who you are. It’s who you are that defines what you do”

Those words definitely describe my career.
Never did I think, “I want to be  Certified Animal Euthanasia Technician.”
No, I thought “I want to work with animals.” The more I grew and found my options in that field, rescue just made sense. And it fell into place perfectly.
Because of that, the lows are pretty far down there.
BUT, the up’s… Oh the up’s. The other day, my boss and I were giving a horse water. Who knows how long it had been since this horse had water, and it followed us around and kept wanting to put it’s head on our shoulder.
To take “aggressive” dog’s off a chain only for them soak you in it’s kisses.

The reward they give you for putting up with all the horror of the “behind scenes” makes up for it. And so because of that, I will always be there with them. To make them feel like they are special. To let them know that it’s not their fault.
And the least we can do as a human race, a race that has bred and bred, and became irresponsible and ignorant to their well being, is tell them that in the end. To apologize on behalf of man kind.
And if I am there to do it, then I know that it’s happening.

I’m not going to share my experience. If you’re curious, you can ask. But details are not what is important here. The task at hand is and more importantly, the reasons why.

Hurrication is over. Now it’s just hot.

So we still have no power. It’s hot. Both mine and Hok’s phone work, then don’t work. And that’s when they have power. We are making the most of it by enjoying time outside of the house, sitting on the porch, going for walks, making new friends.
I really want to bitch about not having AC, my food going bad and the pause with work BUT, we’re lucky. A lot of folks have been devastatingly affected by this storm and we are quite lucky to not be a part of that. There are places that have electricity so we can power up and connect with our worried loved ones and cool off. Some people are still waiting for rescue and have no water. We have water. Thank fuggingaed for that. We can take cold showers and hydrate. We are lucky.
hopefully soon, those places can drain out and the LA/SPCA can go do some relief work. I’m very anxious to get in there. But were not certified to go do water rescue so we are on a hold. 
Yesterday, us Animal Control Officers went on some calls regarding animals that had been abandoned but luckily, we didn’t see anything too bad.  That may be different when we go to the areas where the levees broke but I’m working with an amazing team and I know we can help in a big way.
In the mean time, if you can’t get ahold of Hok or I, don’t be alarmed. We’re fine and because of my line of work, I feel safe and up to date on all the things happening.
Steenie and his little beetches are fine too. Plenty of food, water and cuddle time for them.


I was feeling like I had been repeating myself a lot with all of your thoughtful messages and such. So here’s my update.
Monday at work was hectic. All animals that were not strays, or on a quarantine, (all animals that are our property) went to New Jersey or Dallas and will stay there to be adopted. Yay. The whole shelter plus volunteers were putting together crates and loading them into the semi’s. It was cool.
I also was here for 12 hours.
The ride home was beautiful. The sun was setting on all the clouds that were making their way in. There was a hot pink rainbow and as I was soaking in the calm before the storm, Stevie Wonders “A place in the sun” came on. It was beautiful.
Tuesday all officers were on for emergency calls only. Luckily we all live in different parts of town so we covered our areas. I got called out once for a cat laying there in the rain. It looked like a dog had gotten a hold of it. Poor kitty.
Kerry, TheLady Lucern and her dog RuPaul came over. We made hurricane pasties, put on wigs and had a photo shoot in the wind. We put on silly hats and wandered the neighborhood. The bars were full and everyone was happy. 

The storm isn’t that bad here. More wind then anything and not much rain in NOLA. We got more rain with the storms this summer then this. Other places got hit hard but were okay. Everyone here is just using it as an excuse to be off work and drink.  Now that the power is out everyone is a little cranky cause it’s hot but people were so prepared for this that were all just making the best of it. We drank a ton of whiskey in celebration of Hokmayens Birthday and then Hula Hooped  in the streets in the middle of the night in a hurricane.

This morning, I gave Hok his present that I had to make since we had to spend all of out money on supplies (which is fine because im making that storm money now y’all and will be getting him his special gift in the next couple weeks) We made breakfast and walked around the neighborhood some more. Really, we needed that sweet breeze and rain to cool us off. Then I got called in.

Now I’m at work. I wish I was with my family but it’s nice to be out of the house. Plus I have the interweb’s. I’m basically here to hit up the emergency call’s in this area. Hopefully the storm will continue to die down and I will be home in the morning. If not, I’ll be rocking 24 hours. Storm money y’all.

They say it could be a week with no power but I doubt that it will last for that long. Again, I think they want to hype it up so that everyone is prepared.

I got a kitten here to bottle feed tonight (that Agnelly, my partner is happy to bitch about. heehee), we got food and we got movies. Easy money.  A good first hurricane.

THE TIME! The time. Who’s got the time?

I figured since I had a moment of relaxation, I would share it with you. Really, there is a ton of stuff I could and should be doing  but I am going on strike. Strike from moving, strike from doing, strike from cleaning and organizing, strike from riding my bike through the New Orleans summer sun.

Although riding my bike through the New Orleans summer sun has quickly became one of my favorite things to do, my body was starting to shut down and taking my emotions with it. So this weekend, Hokmayen and I are celebrating our anniversary by doing nothing. We got a box of wine, some of the last Strawberry Abita for the season, some whiskey and lemonade and some food and haven’t left the house since. I slept for 10 hours and I am already looking forward to my nap.

I work a lot. I normally pull overtime and riding my bike is about a hour and a half trip. And its great. I ride, take the ferry, and ride again. About 10 miles a day. It’s doing good thing for my  legs. Plus its a million degrees. But not as bad as Fort Smith. …Suckers. Also, after work my sweet, sweet honey meets me at the ferry and we ride bikes together home through the quarter, along the river and normally stop for drinks. Often we catch live music or a second line.
It’s my favorite thing to do. Especially for a after work, end of the day activity.

I really like work. It’s very mentally draining and very paper heavy.  It makes me embarrassed to be a part of the human race. We have created one hell of a problem. We decided to domesticate animals, over breed them, then took over there natural habitat and decided there was too many of them and they were in our space so now we are taking them out.
What the fuck?
I also find people vs. love, very interesting. And that loving something isn’t what being a responsible pet owner means.
Women love men that beat them. Addicts love shooting up. It doesn’t mean it’s healthy.
Love is the easy part.
People can choose to live sad, disgusting, dirty life styles. But once you create that fate for another creature who isn’t as strong as you are, that’s when your in trouble. So you better watch the fuck out for my ass cause I have no patience for that.
I like to go into every situation hoping it’s going to be good. And I like to be nice. People deal with nice and tell you more information. Plus they listen better. And I like to educate. But once you give me reason to feel differently, you’re pretty fucked.
You know whats fucking rad about New Orleans? Dogs can’t be on chains. And it’s a law that all animals have to be fixed or you have to have a Intact Permit. And in order to have that permit, you have to get a new one every year with proof of vaccinations and your dog has to be microchipped. Thank you. If not, you will get a citation. From me. That’s right, Jac, writing citations. Ain’t that some shit. Then we go to court. And you will probably loose. So handle your shit.
I can’t go into details with some of the shit that I have seen. But let me just say it’s some pretty horrific scenes. My first day, I was trying not to puke, the other day, I was trying not to cry.
But most of the time, I feel so good. When dogs that seem aggressive suddenly turn into cuddley, kissy, pots once they are off chains and away from their previous, asshole owners, I feel good. When I spend 2 hours, chasing stray dogs and bring 4  into the shelter that then find homes, I feel good. Catching alligators, hawks under houses, cranes on Canal st and puppies that we just have ride up in the cab with us all day so that it can cuddle and pee all over me.
That my friends, is the best.

                                                                  Catchin’ gators y’all

It’s interesting to see this city when I’m working and to see it when I am not working. At work, I deal with the trash and sadness this city is full off.
And when I’m not, it’s a whole other adventure.

True Yin and Yang.

You always have something to do in this city. This weekend is a seafood festival, The Red Dress Run (who’s slogan is a drinking club with a running problem). Last weekend was the Satchmo Festival. The week before that was Tales of the Cocktail. Then there’s Decadence, Daiquiri festival and  a PoBoy Fest. That’s all in like 2 months. Also there was the Running of the Bulls, Burlesque shows, beach days, wine days, whiskey days and who knows what else. I can’t keep up with myself anymore.

Adumb came. It was awesome. We rented a trike for him so we were all able to ride around, eat, drink, and see good music.

                                                                  Boy Friends

                                  Three has always been a magic number

My honey has became quite the little house husband/ Chef boy’arDave and it’s been really nice to come home to a clean house and have dinner cooked for me. Some things never change. Him spoiling me is one of them.

Speaking of things never changing, Steenie is sleeping here next to me. Him and his little black bitches are happy to be in the new house as well. For those of you unfamiliar with how shotgun houses are set up, it’s basically room after room after room. No halls and the doors are lined up so you can be in the front room and see all the way through every room into the back of the house.
That means that the kitties get to run through the whole house in one straight shot. That’s a lot of running for kitties.
We still have some boxes of books cause we are still acquiring furniture and Shady lane will be traumatized when they are gone.  They are her pedistools of safety. It’s cute. Will-O-Wisp loves that we have a claw foot bathtub because it means she has a fort that she can attack pounce out of. And Steenie, Steenie is so happy that everyone is happy that he really has to take naps all the time. Also, he has a sweater.

And with the heat comes rain. Lots and lots of rain. Everyday.

And then this happens:

It rains here when it’s sunny. That’s New Orleans for you.

Other things too.                                                                 At the ferry

                                                                   Sweet love


                                                                    Rain Clouds


                                                        Running from the bulls

           Staying true to our city. Beers at 8am before going running

Also other stuff too.  Here’s my ride home…                                                                       Ferry
And the sweetest faces
Work camera has a fish eye lens effect. It’s a good look on Steenie. 


As you can see I have been busy. Between filling my heart with the joys of animals rescue, riding my bike, trips on the ferry, beers and whiskey, delicious food not only found in the city but that is made for me in my very home, storms, kitties and the amazing Dada Hokmayen, (when it’s hot linked twice, you know it’s HAWT!) I can honestly say that this has been the best move since I started my adventures away from California 8 years ago. For the first time, I am ever so proud of the city I live in.

“I’m not going to lay down in words the lure of this place. Every great writer in the land, from Faulkner to Twain to Rice to Ford, has tried to do it and fallen short. It is impossible to capture the essence, tolerance, and spirit of south Louisiana in words and to try is to roll down a road of clichés, bouncing over beignets and beads and brass bands and it just is what it is.

It is home.”
―Chris Rose. Dead in the Attic

It’s not rocket science.

So I was told at my interview that after a year of employment, I would take a class to become euthanasia certified. I figured as much. As an Animal Control Officer I obviously will be going into scenes where it may be necessary to euthanize on site. Hit by a car, dog fights, who knows. It’s a very sad and hard thing to do but until people can pull there heads outta there ass, it’s extremely necessary. Humans are the dominant species on this planet and we are not willing to budge.
Any year now… Any year.

Today I got called to the Kennel Supervisor. She said she had something for me. Immediately, I thought, “present”. Because, I really like presents. It was. But better. She handed me the paperwork for the euthanasia certification class. I said her that I was told that it would be a year. She said they were sending me early. Because I’m good. SO FUGGIN GOOD. She didn’t say it initially but I asked of course. She replied in a positive way. So yeah, I’m good.
…Of course, it also comes with perks.

Later she came to me and showed me a journal. It’s kept in the room where the sadness happens. I will keep the name of the room unsaid for it is a private and sacred place but it’s very calming. And I think it’s nice.
The journal is for people to write in. Thoughts, experiences, woes, ect. It’s a tough mother fucking job y’all. I think that the idea behind that journal is brilliant and you can bet your ass I will write in it everyday that I step foot in that room. It’s a promise I’m making right now. To myself. I never want to take that lightly. The day I do is the day that I need to find a new job. I hope I always feel sadness for fate of these animals. It’s very unfortunate that things have gotten to this point. I’m glad that I can be there for their last days.

Next subject. (But not really) I know way to many people (like 2 or something. TWO TOO MANY!) who talk about their friend who is a breeder. But they are responsible. They love the breed. But they know the owners of the male, make sure they go to good homes, only breed once a year, IDONTFUCKINGCARE. Check me off your list. Delete me. Whatever. I try to be supportive because yeah, it doesn’t make them bad people, I’m sure they do love these dogs and make sure they go to good homes. (SOME OF THEM) but it doesn’t matter. Ignorance is bliss. Educate yourself. Good dogs go down. A lot of them. There is no excuse for breeding right now and I can’t stomach your reasons.

Dogs have to sit and wait for the end. Sure, everyone is tested to see if they are adoption material but… it’s not that it’s a hard test, it’s just that so many animals come through the shelter and only the crème of the crop can make it through. I have seen many good dogs at many shelters go down for jumping, cause they are bored and happy and licking for love but because it’s too much, it’s too much. Shit, I wouldn’t make it through a test. Better believe that if I was stuck in a run for a couple days I would be jumping and kissing all over someone that took me out too. But, if there is a stray dog, we have to wait for someone to claim it. If there is a bite case, fight case, it has to sit and wait for someone to go to court and see if it can go home. If they jump, bite when they kiss, are food aggressive (because maybe they haven’t had much food in their life) don’t show interest in you, it makes it harder for them to make it through. And this isn’t just here. Every shelter I have worked at has this protocol.
So, if you have room for puppies, foster, foster, FOSTER. This situation is OUT.OF.CONTROL.
And I ain’t even worried about job security. If I was out of a job because of it, mission complete.

Pits: What a misunderstood breed. They are either the best dogs or the worst dogs.
(And this is nothing new to me. I just feel like touching on the subject because being back in the shelter is an exciting and moving thing for me)
The reason for this best vs. worst is simply, they are too smart and too loyal for their own good.
They are the epitome of “Man’s best friend”. They will do what you train them to do. Fight? They will fight. Guard, they will guard. Love, sit, down, fetch? They’re on it.
God, I love them.

Sorry Hokdaddy, I’m not trying to rush into anything but after 8 years of working in rescue, I have been so patient and I think I may (soonish) be ready for a dog. REPEAT: SOONish. I know that you feel over whelmed with the kitties and I but, eeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhh… I really love me some pittypuppy.  And by “pittypuppy” I mean, a grown ass dog that is already trained.
1.) Puppies get adopted easily.
2.) I’m totally not into house training.
Call me lazy but I just don’t have a patients for that.
I’ll use the excuse of working all day. For my community.
Watch me. I’m doozin it.
And I’m not trying to be breed biased. But I just feel it. Cause I love them all so. Those pits. With their big giant heads. And their big giant mouths that make big giant smiles. They are so good for kissing.

The other day I was doing behavior evaluations and the first dog that that I have seen make a 100% was a pit.

Moral of the story. Spay and neuter. Adopt. Don’t be a dumb-dumb. It’s not rocket science.

Also, for the record (personally related) I am still happy. Obviously loving my job and still riding my bike. 10 miles a day. Here’s to kick ass legs and a tight ass!

Still waiting on my honey and counting the days till his arrival. (15 dooz)

Still looking for a place and that can not come soon enough. I’m even willing to lower my standards or raise my standards because obviously something is not working out.
Soon though. Soon. Either way, my honey is coming and I can not wait for our romantic adventure together.

Here’s to homeless dogs.
Here’s to hurricane season and riding against wind to work, and against wind from work. In the rain. (I feel like a old man walking uphill both ways in the snow when I say that)
Here’s to my legs.
Here’s to my ass.
Honey, here’s to us and our new place and our new adventure.
Here’s to rescue and here’s to being responsible.

And of course, FOR STEENIE!
(Who I miss so gawdamn dearly.)

Directly being directed in the right direction.

I guess I’m impatient. I didn’t really realize that before.
But I think I had been for good reason. A couple of days after being here and a couple of days before starting work, I was starting to feel something foreign. Depression? Anxiety? I don’t know. Cause I don’t feel those things. But I didn’t like it. I needed a bike. I need a home. And I hadn’t started to work so I was in this weird wading period.
But I started to work. And I got a bike.
And guys, I really, really like it.

It seems like the staff is rockin and nothing less then kick ass at the shelter. Most people have been there for several years which is a good sign. Everyone is fun and welcoming, the girl training me is super chill and is making me feel very comfortable. I just love looking around at all of us being the ones that handle these angry, scared, hyper active, sweet and loving dogs.
The shelter is ran wonderfully with things that other shelters thought I was crazy for asking for. Ex: Quiet classical music playing through out the shelter. It’s calming for us but especially for the animals. A better disinfectant routine. I’ve worked with people who use way to much bleach or next to none at all. But most of all, a no bullshit policy.  (My words not there’s)
At the time of employment there’s a ton of paper work that I had to go over and sign.
On that note I would like to say that everything said here on my Blaug  regarding the shelter is of my own experiences and my own personal opinions and is not of the shelters.
Although more then anything, I’m sure most negative things I would have to say would be about the fucking idiots that don’t understand what the word “humane” means and why it should be applied to ALL CREATURES.
Not just dogs and cats. Right now there is over 100 roosters. Today I got some cuddle time in with one of the most beautiful, snuggley and scared Guinnie Pigs I have ever met. There was rabbits when I first came and I have only been there for a week and seen some crazy things. And that is said lightly.
I’m back to shelter life y’all. Without a fucking doubt.
I can tell that I have been out of shelters for a while. I am having to find/create that numb place that is necessary for this line of work. I am hating people and loving animals more then ever. I’m sure that some of it has to do with new environment, lack of Hokmayen, no Steenie, whatever. But damn. Let me just say that it’s a good thing I am staying with my sister right now and don’t have a house cause I am feeling so much sadness for so many dogs right now and there’s one in particular that I have my eye one. She is a Pit/Sheppard mix. Beautiful markings. Brown and white. Not a big head. Giant smile. white face but two little black marks on each eyes. Center upper and lower eyelids. DOOOOOOOOOOD. I’m so in love. I need to get a picture.
And this is a dime a dozen and the beginning of a lifetime supply of love.
I have the best job ever. This is my life.
This. And biking.
It’s a 5.4 mile ride to work. Less then that .4 miles is a ferry ride. Yup. I bike, ferry, bike to work. So a little more then 10 miles of biking a day. I was thinking it was 8 miles. but I was wrong. Plus I’m on my feet in kennels for this month before going over to animal control so after a long bike ride, I work. Then after a long day of work, I bike home. I’m exhausted. My feet are sore. My ass is sore. I come home, shower, make dinner and lunch for the following day, check my email and pass the fuck out out.( Hence: the lag on this Blauhg.)
Note: I love it.
Yeah, I’m tired. And passing up on movie night with my sister and The Lady Lucerne but that’s okay. I’m in no hurry to do anything right now but work and once Hokdaddy is here, I’ll find my groove and be able to experience more of the city. But for now, I work. Happily.

I am very much looking forward to my future. As soon as I start in Animal Control, Hok will be here. We will move into a home that I will find us and all will be well. I am very much looking forward to our romantic experience together on this new adventure.
I can’t wait to share this town with him and all the other interesting characters that live here.

In the mean time, it’s sister time. It was long over due and it’s nice to have my big sister right now. And her closet.
Cuzya is keeping me occupied with freckled kitty kisses and has been acting so silly lately. He knows I eat that shit up.
Oh Cuzya.

It’s only taken me one week to write this.
I’m so tired.
So happy.
And so in love.

Home but not home.

I woke up early Friday morning. Before my alarm clock. I was laying in between Hok and Kreszin. They were still sleeping and I was wishing I was still sleeping too. I had gone to bed late the night before because I was up playing Super Mario Bro. with Shannon and D for the last time for a while.
I couldn’t go back to sleep though. My mind was already spinning with the reality of that being the last time I woke up in that room and the last time I was going to see Hok for a month. That made me sad.
But I was very excited.

Saying goodbye to friends and family in other states is odd. It’s almost treated like a death. Like it’s the last time we ever will talk or see each other. Which is silly considering that  1)It’s not. And 2)social media keeps us so damn connected that you know so much unnecessary shit about people that you don’t even know let alone all the people that you do know.
But it’s still sad, and hard, and nice to say things to people’s faces that is important for them to remember. I like to tell people all the time how special they are to me and how much I love them so I especially want to do it before I move. But of course then, it’s not always so easy.
I couldn’t do it with Shannon. So I wrote her a letter. That way all I had to do was kiss her and tell her I love her and not be sappy and sad all at once. That would of been way to hard.
Saying goodbye to the kiddo sucked. She’s still to young to get it. So I just told her that it was important for me to go so that I could prepare myself for my future with her. That I needed to take care of things and that as soon as she could, to come to Hok and I and that we would be ready for her.
I will miss watching her grow.

Being in New Orleans is great. And being with my sister is even better.
It was weird on the way down when I normally would think that the drive back sucks, thinking that there was no drive back. It was a one way trip. And being here and not being a tourist feels good. Now I get to be a part of what makes this place magical.
I like that.

It was great to have Lagera and Melissa with me. I think it made the transition a little easier. Thanks ladies.

Now I am here and now it begins. I start work on the 6th and can’t wait to get that going. I will work in the kennels for a month so I can learn the shelter’s ways before jumping into Animal Control. Which I am very thankful for. It is all a little intimidating and it will be nice to start off with something I am so comfortable with. Also, I know it’s monkey work but I love kennels. It will be nice to make relationships with animals again rather then like at the clinic, I have to say goodbye after the first day. I know I have said it before but I’ll say it again, I’m honored to be a part of LA-SPCA.

For the next month, I will work and find a new home. Hokmayen is still working hard at Southtown until July and then will move down here with the cat’s and all the stuff.
I’m very much looking forward to finding our new home, being with him and cuddling with the kitties. It has been 3 days and I already miss them dearly.
In the mean time I’m staying with the sister. I like that. Also, instead of the man in my house being Hok and/or Steenie, I have the Russian.
It’s been decided that instead of saying “Shut up” we will say “I love you” to keep a more positive  spin on our living together for the next 10 days before he leaves to visit his family.
I love the Russian very much.

I am very thankful for everything happening in my life. Thankful for a good family that takes me in when I need it. A great man willing to leave a good job in the name of adventure. A career, Cuzya (my sister’s cat who is a “no bullshitter” but gives in for the sake of my happiness.) And the fact that everything seems to be falling into place.

The Age of Aquarius seems to be no joke. Big things are happening for most people I know. A lot of change and even though its tough at first, we always know that it works out in the end. Take control and make it better then its ever been.

Hokdaddy, I am anxiously waiting your arrival. Slang that ink ya dooz and scoot ya tiny booty to the deep deep down for the next leg of our life together. Things just aren’t the same without you.

Coughing in your fish taco

Hok and I grilled up some tilapia and made fish tacos. God damn, we’re good. Well actually, the recipe my sister gave me from an amazing taco vendor that she works for is good. I can’t wait to be down in New Orleans and eat EVERYTHING. It pretty much was the selling point for me. I don’t think that I have had any food down there that wasn’t enjoyable. Come visit me. I’ll show ya.

I’ve been packing up a lot of the house. That way when Hokdaddy gets ready to come, most of the work will be done. It’s happening quite quickly. Already the house seems empty and I am trying to figure out what comes with me, what he brings and what we are getting rid of all together. We’re getting rid of a lot of things. That part of this feels really good. My new job feels really good. Leaving is starting to feel sad. As much as I can’t wait to get out of here and into some culture, I really am going to miss Arkansas. This place has been pretty damn good to me. I found my greatest love and made some of the bestest friends a girl could ever dream of. This state is beautiful with green trees and some of the best rivers I have ever been to. It’s a really good place to settle for most people. Unfortunately it just doesn’t have what Hok and I seem to be looking for.
And were only a days drive. So friends, start picking months cause I am already anxious to share the insanity of New Orleans with you.

Things seem to be going well for most people. The age of Aquarius seems to be bringing a lot of new beginnings. Whether or not we’re looking for them, it’s happening. Maybe it’s just the age that I am at but things are happening for my friends and I think that is really exciting. Everyone is growing up with their careers, families and educations. I’m so proud. Of course, if you are some fool doing the same ol boring bullshit, you probably aren’t my friend.
Go team Win!

My weekends are pretty much booked till I leave. There will be a Going away/Birthday pool party on Sunday, May 20th. Message me if you want to come. If you can’t and you want to see me before I go, I suggest giving me a holler. I can count the days on my fingers and toes.
Whoa. This shit is real y’all.

I shall leave you with this:

My sweet little shortcake, is oh so good to me.
She doesn’t go to fast though. She enjoys the scenery.
In front there’s a wicker basket so that we can transport beer.
And soon she’ll have a egg crate attached at the rear.
I ride her in the rain, I ride her in the snow.
Sometimes though the moonlit night.
And sometimes just for show.
She got a little makeover, a duct tape cheetah seat.
We ride so hard, we shoot so straight,
through out the city streets.